Responsible Gambling

It is always good for a player to keep an eye on their own gambling and to play games responsibly, so that the losses do not grow too high, or that gambling otherwise doesn’t go to the level of problem gambling.

As a player, it’s good to remember a few things that you can do for your part to gamble responsibly.

  • Always play games according to your own bankroll
  • When playing online, it is worthwhile to set the game limits for the online casino
  • Do not play with borrowed money
  • Play moderately
  • Play only with licensed online casinos

Bankroll Management

Having separate gambling bankroll is certainly one of the easiest ways for a player to influence their gambling, in order to do it responsibly and enjoy the games without stress. When your bankroll is in order and you play responsibly, you don’t usually have to worry about losing a round or two, when you play games, as long as you play the games with stakes that fit your bankroll.

Gambling bankroll means that a player has separately created a separate bankroll for gambling, ie the player does not play directly from his/her bank account, but instead has a separate fund for gambling. This usually helps to control the variation much better when you are able to clearly see how much you have to gamble, and the fluctuation of the bankroll in case of a losing streak won’t affect your other finances.

We encourage you to keep gambling responsible and fun, and creating this separate gambling bankroll is certainly one of the easiest first steps.

Gambling Addiction: Where To Ask For Help?

If your own gaming starts to follow risk factors for problem gambling, or you’re otherwise concerned about your own gambling, or just simply want to discuss it, then you should take the courage to talk about it with other peers and professionals. Asking for help or information never is a bad thing, and if you feel like your gambling might be causing issues for you financially, socially or in other aspects, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There’s plenty of options for a player to contact peer groups, or even professional help if they want to discuss their gambling and risks related to it. Some of the most common ones are:

  • BeGambleAware ( BeGambleAware offers plenty of information on the subject, as well as online live chat if you feel like talking to someone about your gambling.
  • GamCare ( GamCare’s website includes plenty of reading about the subject, and some links to directly speak with professionals and peers.
  • GambleAware ( GambleAware is an independent charity tasked to fund research, education and treatment services to help to reduce gambling-related harms in Great Britain.

responsible gambling